Marketing Support packages to guide you to a better connected customer base

At Get Better Connected our packages for social marketing and advertising are designed to ensure the right balance is achieved and providing flexibility to you the publican. You can upgrade at the start of the month going forward should you require the level of service from us to meet the needs of your business. You can upgrade and downgrade with 30 days notice to provide you with seasonal flexibility. 

(If you do not have a Facebook Page, G+ business Page, or Twitter and would like Get Better Connected to build your for you we will create, claim and merge on existing or build new channels for Facebook, Tripadvisor, YouTube, Twitter or Instagram , G+-  

£100 each social channel 

or a bundle of 3 for £250 + VAT

Housekeeping Services £75 per social channel

To claim, merge and update page information

Start Right

Start Right package

£350 + VAT

Photography, 2 hr marketing meeting incl expenses.

The Start Right Package develops your marketing plan for online communication. In order to position your business online you will need new media. Photographs of what you have to offer, settings showing the business at it's full potential and your people. Pictures that emulate your business personality, ethos and values. The team at Get Better Connected will meet with you to develop your online plan. Photographs and short video clips can be captured and a promotional story in words and images shared with your public.

Support Plan

Support Plan contract  is

£119 + £60 + VAT

FB advertising expenses

The Support Plan is designed for publicans who add regular messages and photos  to keep their customers informed of the day  to day happenings in their pub. The package delivers 4 Sponsored Adverts, designed, authored and placed on your Facebook Page.

These sponsored adverts are  targeted  to attract the right customers to your pub reaching approximately 16,000 customer timelines throughout the month.

Partnership Plan

Partnership Plan contract is

£299 + £60 + VAT 

FB advertising expenses

The Partnership Plan is designed for businesses who do not have the time or resources to post regular messages to their page. The package delivers 12 posts, 4 of which are designed for advertising purposes focusing on core promotions. The 12 Facebook posts are mirrored onto G+ to improve optimisation of your website and G+ landing position.

These sponsored adverts are targeted to attract the right customers to your pub reaching approximately 16,000 targeted customers throughout the month.