Why post and advertise on Social Media? Appear on your customers' News Feeds and become the place to go

BUILD A STRONG CUSTOMER BASE - We promote pubs, restaurants and retail businesses by using the right offers to the right people at the right time, with artwork which is uniquely designed for your business. The result will be to drive new 
and repeat customers to your pub every day. At least half of your customers are online and with our help, you can connect with them there too.

REACH MORE PEOPLE FAST - We will use the full functionality of Facebook paid advertising to get your pub in front of thousands of new target and existing customers every day. Your fan base will grow as will customer awareness of your events, menu and values. We will help you find and build “PUB AMBASSADORS” that carry your messages further within their community of friends on your behalf for FREE. We will look to develop viral content that incites the right emotions and travels to more people faster.

KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE TO GET THEIR ATTENTION - A community of people who like similar things is more likely to be loyal and remain intact. We will help you identify what these interests are and develop content that acts as a magnet to capture your customers attention. With well developed content your websites and online applications will be strengthened, attracting more online traffic leading to more restaurant bookings and increased footfall to your bar.

USE FEEDBACK TO YOUR ADVANTAGE - Facebook, Google and Tripadvisor are powerful review sites so it is important to acknowledge customer opinion and assure people their views matter. We will coach you to become a better listener and use customer feedback to train staff and improve your business. Quick responses can be a window of opportunity when you apply a personal and consistent approach, showing new customers you care. Customer reviews provide invaluable original content that will boost your online position and get you found quickly. Remember - Dissatisfied customers tell 9-15 people about their experience - Happy customers, tell 4-6 people so it is important you contain negative comments, encourage positive online reviews and distribute positive reviews using your own channels.